Public Schools Closed!

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Several public schools are also closed to mark the beginning of a new year on the Hebrew calendar.

NYC School Year Calendar : 2015 – 2016

Phili School Year Calendar : 2015 Р2016

Also, public schools in several townships of NJ are closed.

Islamic Schools Closings

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- Al-Ghazaly High School, Wayne, NJ
- Noor-ul-Imaan – South Brunswick, NJ
- Rising Star Academy, Union, NJ
- Baytul-Iman Academy – Old Bridge, NJ
- Baytul-Iman Academy – Hazlet, NJ
- An-Noor Academy – Piscataway, NJ
- Al-Hikmah Elementary School, Prospect Park, NJ
- Miftah-ul-Uloom, Union, NJ
- Noble Leadership Academy, Clifton, NJ
- Al-Minhaal Academy, South Plainfield, NJ
- Darul Islah Hifz Academy, Teaneck, NJ



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